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Thank you for your interest in DeityMine. We recently started our new server on 1.13.2 We aim to continue to grow our community in-game and on Discord.

All player made houses can be protected with our Residence and CoreProtect plugins, and all griefing is swiftly dealt with. Creepers will not damage your property or destroy blocks keeping our world in great condition. We have basic commands implemented like /back, /home, /tpa, and more - which is accessible for all players. We're a tight close-knit community, where you can relax and enjoy the game.

We have an active staff team ready to help with any questions, and we're always adding new content to make the server better for all our players. We attempt to always have a staff member online throughout the day to welcome and ease in any new players.

Our popular plugins include MCMMO, Jobs Reborn, and a few others that we will let you discover on the server.